Bankers volunteer to give back to the community

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POSTED: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 6:30pm

An elderly Baton Rouge woman is on the receiving end of some community service Wednesday. She's having her mid-city Baton Rouge home painted.

More than 30 Capital One bank associates from around the area are taking a temporary leave from their desk jobs and putting on their painting gear to give back to the community.

"We're painting, scraping, just trying to improve the house. Any rotten wood replacing, whatever needs to be done," Ric Kearny, the president of Capital One Baton Rouge, said.

It's called "One Week," which is the bank's national associate volunteer initiative.

"We live here, and we want to give back," Kearny said. "I think everybody looks forward to it. They're generally fun projects. Again, we did a habitat rebuild last year,. We're doing this mid-city rebuild this year."

The volunteers teamed up with the Mid-City Redevelopement Alliance to help improve the homes in that area. This is Kevin Foster's third time volunteering for "One Week."

"I love every minute of it. It's a great thing we do for the community. We're giving back and helping out wherever we can," Foster said. "It just shows how connected we are to the communities that we actually serve. You come into a bank, and you're not really expecting to see those bankers in the community. We just want to give back to all the people who've given to us and just make people's dreams come true."

"I think we want our associates to be engaged in the community," Kearny said. "We're Baton Rougeans. We're in Lafayette, Shreveport, New Orleans, and we want to give back to our communities."

"It's a little bit different from the day job, but love what we're doing out here," Foster said. "The engagement and the activity level is very high."

One Week is an annual service project for the Louisiana bank branch. employees across our state put in more than 4,500 hours of service.

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