GOHSEP continues to work around the clock to ensure safety across the state

GOHSEP continues to work around the clock to ensure safety across the state
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 7:31pm

Roads have been closing all day. This weather is leaving officials with no other choice. The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have been busy all day keeping up with what Mother Nature is dishing out. They tell us it isn’t easy.

Brit the Governor’s office of homeland security and emergency management is on their game today!

They have been prepping for what some are calling the “icepocolypse”, “sneauxmaggedon” or even “sneauxpocolypse” which are other names for this wintery mix that's taken over the area.

Although the state and first responders have learned a thing or two about how to handle it, its still a huge challenge because a lot of resources just aren't available.

But locals seem to think our state and city are handling the situation pretty well.

"This is good,” said local Jean Popleon. “They are doing well."

GOHSEP Director, Kevin Davis is confident with the work they are doing. "We have all of our teams out to make sure we protect the public as much as we can."

They consistently try to keep as many roads open as possible, to allow people to get around, although driving anywhere in this mess is not encouraged at all.

“If there is no need to be on the highway please don’t be mislead by it you see a little sunlight and think this thing over its not,” noted Davis. "We've got sand and salt were putting out on roadways."

GOHSEP tells us the state is using up salt as fast and we can buy it that’s because the demand right now across the state and region is really high.

“These roadways become a block of ice and it will take many hours for them to kind of thaw, so we will be working those with salt to try and do that as fast as we can,” Said Davis.

So they are making sure they salt those smaller roads, and even overpasses before taking on the bigger challenges.

“It’s a massive undertaking

And people like Popleon commend the state for what its doing to help keep our drivers safe.

“Some people are too timid to drive in weather like this, especially Louisiana natives.”

The state is hard at work during this winter weather, talking with all agencies and parishes to make sure power is running, roads stay open if they can and people stay safe.

DOTD will continue to salt and sand wherever is needed but because the temperatures are supposed to drop Tuesday and even Wednesday which means keeping a majority of the roads thawed will be a huge feat.

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