Free Credit Report

POSTED: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - 7:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:58pm

If you’re interested in your credit score, the Federal Trade Commission has a new warning out about those so-called “free” credit websites. Our Kianga Kelley explains.

It’s a popular commercial with a catchy jingle most people can remember. But what if I told you that the cheesy, yet catchy jingle has a dirty little secret. What most consumers fail to realize is sites like isn’t free at all. In fact, people who use these types of sites are charging $15 or more a month after signing up.

SU Senior Wesley Hood says, “The economy is bad. Everybody’s credit is not the best so I can see why a lot of people would fall for this commercial.” Richelle Lee says, “I really think they market it to the younger people who catch things rather quickly are more gullible to think something’s actually free.”

Since 2005, the Federal Trade Commission has received several complaints claiming Experian, the company who owns confuses customers with their commercials. SU Senior Melvin Wright says, “If they’re still allowed to be doing it, they should have a stronger disclaimer.”

To help prevent others from becoming victims the FTC recently released two videos that are very similar to the commercial, poking fun at The FTC’s website is the only site to offer completely free credit reports, called But don’t expect to see the FTC’s version on TV anytime soon. Unlike Experian who spent $70 million on advertising, the FTC says they don’t have the budget so you’ll just have to stick to the internet for their information.

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