Four LSU McDonald's employees arrested for theft, students react

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POSTED: Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 4:16pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 5:46pm

Four LSU McDonald's employees are in jail as of Wednesday for stealing thousands of dollars from students. The employees were arrested for felony theft.

Police said these employees were over-charging students and pocketing the difference. You'd think this would come as a big shock to students, but some said they're not really surprised at all.

For Briana Guillory, McDonald's is a quick and easy way get something to eat between the hustle and bustle of getting to class.

"Their customer service isn't great, so I'm not that taken back by it," Guillory said. "I probably eat here too much. I just get it on the way to class. I just use my Paw Points or Tiger Cash."

Officials said several employees charged customers too much for their meals then, pocketed the difference.

"I was surprised, but not really, because when they swipe our cards, they usually just swipe it a million times until it works," Guillory admitted.

Jasmine Whillington is not surprised either.

"You kind of like lose trust, and you kind of don't want to go there anymore. If you see what's going on and you see them not doing right, it makes you not want to go to that place anymore," Whillington said.

These employees were arrested for felony theft this week, but were the result of a six-month investigation.

"As the investigation continued, we were able to identify several individuals that had higher dollar amounts that were involved that did constitute felony charges," Cory Lalonde, PIO of LSUPD, said. "Those individuals were involved in dollar amounts that exceeded $1,500. That's why it's a felony charge for those individuals."

Investigators were only able to track transactions from the previous year.

"So through the investigation we do have some indications that it was possibly going on before that, possibly as early as 2012. It's really hard for us to ascertain an exact date," Lalonde explained. 

There is still an arrest warrant out for the last suspect in this round up, and police said more arrests are possible.

LSU is in the process of figuring out how to give students their money back.

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