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FL teacher forces boy to clean urinal with bare hands


POSTED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 10:43am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 10:52am

A south Florida teacher is accused of using dirty discipline to punish a student for clogging a urinal.

“It was very embarrassing to have that going around the school and people just bothering me about the simple thing that shouldn't have been done,” the student told CNN.

Embarrassed is how this 10 year old feels walking around Broward Community Charter School West, ever since he says teacher Jennifer Forshey ordered him to unclog a urinal with his bare hands.

Coral Springs police say 58-year-old Forshey ordered the boy to use a dry paper towel to clear the drain, but according to the arrest report, the paper and urinal were wet enough to seep through the paper towel he was holding. The victim's hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal.

“To let that go on with a child is irresponsible and I just feel it's not acceptable,” said Jenay Roberts, the boy’s mother.

The boy's mom is outraged because she says there's no soap in the bathroom and her son had to the dean who told him to clean his hands with just running water.

“I just think it's something no kid should go through and I wouldn't want him to ever go through anything like that again,” Roberts said.

The family has hired attorney Joshua Hertz who said the boy never clogged the urinal, it was someone else.

“I found this act despicable, disgusting and unbelievable that a teacher would instruct a 10-year-old boy to use his bare hands to clean out a urinal,” attorney Joshua Hertz told CNN.

According to the school's website, this is Forshey's second year at the school. She’s facing battery charges and told police she doesn't even see anything wrong with exposing a child to urine.

“I just hope that she's sorry for what she's done,” Roberts said.

Forshey remains in the Broward county jail.

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