EPA urged to clear Baton Rouge's ozone status

EPA urged to clear Baton Rouge's ozone status

POSTED: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 12:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 1:00pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC33) – Senator David Vitter, Senator Mary Landrieu, and Representator Bill Cassidy have urged the EPA to formally state that the Baton Rouge area has met ozone standards.

Air quality data shows that Baton Rouge has reached standards since 2008. However, the EPA has not formally recognized the area as clear.

“There’s no good reason for the EPA not to recognize that the Baton Rouge area is in compliance, as the records have shown since 2008,” said Sen. Vitter. “The EPA’s failure to act in a timely way puts a real burden on Baton Rouge-area businesses and creates too much uncertainty around long-term economic development in the region, particularly as they struggle under the administration’s virtual shutdown of the energy industry.”

“Other American cities that have encountered a similar problem found their request for re-designation answered in a timelier manner,” said Sen. Landrieu. “For an area already hard-hit by the economic strife caused by the slow recovery of the oil and gas industries, we cannot afford to allow anymore financial burden o befall Louisiana, especially one that could be so easily fixed.”

“I am proud to join Sens. Vitter and Landrieu in strongly urging the EPA to designate Baton Rouge as compliant with EPA ozone standards,” said Rep. Cassidy. “The EPA’s failure to act continues to hamper economic growth and kill jobs even though Baton Rouge has been compliant with EPA standards since 2008. I hope the EPA acts quickly to mitigate this situation.”

The full letter written to the EPA can be viewed/downloaded below.

Letter to EPA - Baton Rouge.pdf772.44 KB

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