Twilight New Moon Review

POSTED: Friday, November 20, 2009 - 11:00am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:59pm

I hope that between the millions who have already read the blockbuster Twilight books and the billions who have seen the movie trailer, I'm not spoiling any surprises: Can I let the beast out of the bag? In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, childhood friend Jacob Black reveals himself to high school senior Bella Swan as a werewolf!

Of course, billions of moviegoers already know that Bella is played by Kristen Stewart, a newly pumped up Taylor Lautner plays Jacob, and Robert Pattinson, along with his major hair, is back as Bella's smoldering vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen.

Now what all fans need to know is that, yes, this second installment in the teen saga of a living girl who loves an undead boy is a pretty faithful adaptation of Stephenie Meyers' book.

In fact, under the direction of Chris Weitz-who made those cheery, raunchy American Pie sex comedies-New Moon has a sturdy, almost stately, old-fashioned look.

Twilighters know that it rains a lot in Bella's town of Forks, Washington. And Weitz uses the sight and sound of that gray wetness to convey Bella's moodiness and Edward's broodiness.

Boy, do those chaste lovers have a tough time trying to keep their hands off one another, just saying no!

So, in a supreme act of self-control, Edward leaves town, and a devastated Bella rekindles a friendship with Jacob-even if the guy does have a tendency to get wolfish when provoked.

New Moon wraps up in Italy, where Edward has gone to visit a haughty vampire clan known as the Volturi.

What happens next, in the third installment? Millions of readers already know. All I know is that odds are good that when Eclipse comes out next year, it'll still be raining in Forks, and Bella Swan will still be damp.

For NBC News, I'm Lisa Schwarzbaum from Entertainment Weekly.