SNL Returns

POSTED: Friday, September 25, 2009 - 8:56am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:59pm

Kids are back in school. Football's returned. Leaves are beginning to change.

And in another sure sign of fall, NBC's studio 8H is busy once again for this week's season premiere of "Saturday Night Live".

"I've got the super butterflies and I'm sick to my stomach all the time," said the show's head writer, Seth Myers. "The nightmares. Yeah, the nightmares are back," chimed in co-star Andy Samberg. But the SNL gang's coming off a dream season. A Presidential campaign that sent buzz off the charts and brought in the show's biggest audience in more than a decade. "We had so much fun last season, the hardest part, to be honest, was last season ending. We had all that momentum," Myers said.

Now, the challenge is to top themselves. "It's a tall order, as orders go," Myers said. "Not Manute Bol tall, but Michael Jordan," added Samberg. "It's Jordan tall. Yea," Myers agreed.

The season's first host is one of Hollywood's hottest actresses, Megan Fox. "Part of the fun of SNL is when you have a host who's willing to do anything," Myers said. "And Megan Fox seems to have a great sense of spirit for that stuff." And, the show's tossing a bone to its musical guest. "These U2 kids are good. We think if they nail these songs, they might have a shot," Myers joked. "They've got an interesting sound. I think it might catch on," Samberg added. They said "SNL" might catch on too-----35 years ago.