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BRPD helps Santa for the holidays

It looks like Santa has some new helpers this year!

Redemptorist High School to close in 2015

Redemptorist Junior and Senior high schools will close at the end of this school year because of dwindling enrollment.

Broadmoor Elementary students get rewarded for hard work

 We all know the saying hard work pays off. For some children at Broadmoor Elementary, their hard work did just that. Thursday, students were awarded with brand-new bikes!

SU graduate wants to make a difference, help juvenile delinquents

 "If you don't want it for yourself, nobody else will want it. So if there's something you want in life, go get it," said Jamaal Martin.

How students miss out on $54 million a year

College students in Louisiana are not taking advantage of financial aid programs. Apparently, louisiana's college students leave $50 million in aid unclaimed each year.

Exxon-Mobil gives $100K to EBR Parish schools

Exxon-Mobil branded wholesalers partnered with the Adopt a Classroom program to donate $100,000 dollars to elementary schools in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

School uses hand soap to reduce student absences

Pink eye, stomach bugs, flu, strep throat: the list can go on and on with reasons students miss school.

Local HIV/AIDS advocates reach out to youth for World AIDS Day

Nearly 4,000, that's how many people are living with HIV or AIDS in Baton Rouge. For more than 20 years, AJ Johnson of the Baton Rouge AIDS Society has worked to stop that number from growing.

EBR School Board candidates discuss issues during forum

Some Baton Rouge residents wanted to get to know the school board candidates a little better.

Local artist wants to bring positivity with new exhibit

A local artist wants to spread positivity with his new art exhibit.

Digital Bookmobile makes its way to Baton Rouge

If you passed by the Goodwood Main Library Saturday in Baton Rouge, you may have noticed a big 18-wheeler in the parking lot...

Maryland school district removes religious holidays from school calendars

(CNN) -- Starting next year, the names of religious holidays like Christmas and Yom Kippur will no longer appear on the school calendar in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Students at Parkview Baptist learn why freedom isn't free

Students at Parkview Baptist School took a little break from class Wednesday... all to honor our veterans.

'Where is Bill?': Landrieu questions Cassidy's decisions on student loan debt

We are one month away from the runoff elections in our state. Senator mary landrieu is already bashing her opponent saying Bill Cassidy does not support college students.

SU Marching Band gets ready to battle it out

Southern University's Human Jukebox is certainly no stranger to the big stage.