Colleges, universities respond to sexual violence investigation

(CNN) -- Many colleges and universities under review for their handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints say they are cooperating with the federal investi

55 colleges under investigation over handling of sexual violence complaints

(CNN) -- Federal investigators are checking whether 55 colleges and universities illegally handled sexual violence and harassment complaints, the U.S. Department of Education said Thursday.

Community and technical colleges gather at Capitol: hope to inspire residents and lawmakers

Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges came together to present some of their "in demand" programs to our lawmakers and the public today at the capitol proving you don't need a four year degree to get a job in our state.

Baker parents start petition against school board

Some parents in Baker are fed up with their school board tonight. After many failed attempts to communicate with the board, they've started a petition to try and get some answers.

Concert for Change: LSU students hold concert to create awareness about marijuana reform

Marijuana reform is a hot topic right now all over the country and right here in Louisiana.

FL school district discusses parent dress code

West Palm Beach (WPTV) --  The Palm Beach County school district is discussing a parent dress code at a workshop Wednesday afternoon.

Survey results look at how parents feel about scholarship program

The Louisiana Federation for Children and the Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options announced the results of a joint survey of parents who have students in the scholarship program Tuesday.

BESE rep to hold community forum on potential impact of HB 1177

Carolyn Hill, a Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education representative, will hold a public forum on the potential impact that House Bill 1177 could have on public schools in East Baton Rouge Parish.

College student pays tuition bill with 500lbs of pennies in OK

Many students work to pay their way through college. A soon-to-be grad in Oklahoma used his final payment to make a lasting statement. It was a heavy load, yet it was a weight lifted. 500 pounds of pennies.

600 teachers quit their jobs in Wake County, N.C.

Teachers in North Carolina's largest school system are leaving their jobs in droves. The Wake County School District says 600 teachers have quit since the school year began.

Law enforcement officials join together with students to stop the violence

It seems every night, we're telling you about something violent that happened in our area, but there are some people who say there is something we can do about it. It starts in our schools.

Road to Carnegie Hall: Local teen prepares for the performance of a lifetime

A local teen is getting ready for the performance of a lifetime.

Audit shows several schools mishandling state voucher money

An audit released on Monday by the Department of Education claims some schools might be abusing the State’s voucher system.

New Main Library at Goodwood gets dedication

The new Main Library at Goodwood has been up and running for a while now, but it got it's long awaited dedication Saturday.

Capitol High students come together to 'stop the violence'

Friday marks one week since a tragic shooting incident in Baker left three teenagers dead. The incident has hit students across the area pretty hard.