White continues education reform tour

White continues education reform tour
Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 8:34pm

"I think we're going in the wrong direction," says  Vicki Auguste.

Auguste is an Ascension Parish teacher. She attended the most recent education reform town hall meeting with Superintendent of Education John White on Thursday. She fears all the changes to teacher tenure and student choice will move Louisiana's educational system in the wrong direction.

"We're moving forward in terms of education reform and directions that haven't been suceessful in other states," says Auguste.

White says he's not surprised that some teachers like Auguste have lingering dubts about the plan.

"There are 55,000 teachers in the state. There are going to be 55,000 different opinions about this thng," says White.

Hundreds of them came to Dutchtown High School in Geismar for the meeting. He believes though that as more teachers begin to understand the changes that are taking place, more will support them.

"Anyone who says that teachers are against change doesn't really know what teaching is all about. Teachers are all about change and I was out here to hear their opinions" says White.

And while Auguste is happy that White came and talked face to face with teachers from Ascension Parish. she believes more is going to be needed to fix what she sees as a broken relationship.

" I think this is step one, but there's a lot more steps to go," says Auguste.

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