Two universities, one winner!

Two universities, one winner!
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 12:03pm

The stakes are high for two art museums pending the outcome of the LSU and West Virginia University football game on Saturday, Sept. 24. The museum directors of both schools have offered each other their prized works of art for a six-week loan in a friendly wager.

If LSU wins the game, the Art Museum at West Virginia University will loan the LSU Museum of Art the Rockewell Kent oil painting, 'To Make Dream Homes Come True,' which focuses on the 'American Dream.'

If West Virginia wins the game, LSU Museum of Art will loan the Art Museum at West Virginia University an 1855-61 Adolphe Himmel five-piece tea and coffee service. LSU holds the larges public collection of New Orleans-made silver, with pieces dating back to the 1770's.

The friendship that these two museum directors share is a pleasant one, both big fans of their teams, but the wager is serious.

Tom Livesay, the director of the LSU Museum of Art, is sure the outcome will favor LSU and has already cleared a wall in the museum where the Kent painting will be unveiled.

"We briefly considered sending six sugar bowls, representing the number of wins that LSU has had in that event, but decorum prevailed," said Livesay. Joyce Ice, the director of the Art Museum at West Virginia University told him, "You might as well just bring that tea set along to the game and leave it here because we intend to have it on display."
Livesay countered, "When LSU leaves Morgantown, we leave with a win and the painting. It would be advisable to crate the painting prior to the game."

Stay tuned for the date and time of the unveiling of the Art Museum at West Virginia University's painting when the LSU Museum of Art celebrates its victory.

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