Teachers set to protest Governor's education reform plan

Teachers set to protest Governor's education reform plan
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 6:57pm

There is one thing both supporters and opponents of Governor Bobby Jindal's education reform plan have in common. They feel, if passed, it will change Louisiana. What they disagree on is the direction it will take the Bayou state. Those against the proposals say it would be a bad move for schools. Some of which have seen failing grades from the Department of Education.

"We're gonna have to all stand together to protect our kids from all the negative impacts that these these bills are going to have over the next couple of years," says Mary Particia Wray of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers.

But those for the reform say it'll move Louisiana forward economically and in the classroom,

"if the legislature adopts the Governo's education reform package it will position Louisiana for a brighter econoomic future. "In fact, it's the single most important thing that we can do to position Louisiana for a brighter economic future," says Secretary of Economic Development Stephen Moret.

The bills cleared the House last week. They head to the Senate tomorrow. If passed, the bills could be on Jindal's desk to become law. Teachers say if that happens, they'll continue to fight to have the Governor recalled from office.

"I think the recall petitions  are evidence of the extreme frustration not just by the teachers, but by parents regarding the fact that these proposed changes have been touted as choice. They've been touted as things that are going to help our kids and there really hasn't been a slow down to look and see if those things are true," says Wray.

But Governor Jindal's office says the recall effort is just a distraction tactic. In a statement a spokesman says,"We're not concerned and not surprised that the coaliton of the status quo is trying to intimidate folks who want to reform our schools and make them better for our children,".

And while teachers think the process has been too fast, supporters say everyone has had time to take a nice long look at both pieces of legislation.

"Those proposals have been talked about for months. The Governor has personally met with many teachers, many superintendents, met with legislators from all around the state," says Moret. 

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