Students at Southeastern worried about latest round of staff lay-offs

Students at Southeastern worried about latest round of staff lay-offs
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POSTED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 6:45pm

Teachers at Southeastern University got letters this week warning that they could lose their jobs due to more budget cuts. While staff members are left wondering if they'll have jobs, students are worried about how they will get their essential classes done.

Conversation at the Theta Xi house on Southeastern’s campus often turns to the staff cuts announced on Monday, Aug. 5.

"Everyone, they always talk about budget cuts, and teachers will talk about it, everyone. It comes up in topics of conversation," said Vinny Scandariato, a senior at Southeastern.

"I actually met a guy the other day, he came into my work and he told me that he helps around campus and he's been here for a while now and he said, the budget cuts, he might be losing his job from it," added Junior Tawny Scandariato.

Students worry about losing their favorite teachers and classes.

"Whenever there's not enough teachers, there's not enough classes for students to get in, and then you're always stuck fighting to get into a class and sometimes if you can't get that major class you'll have to wait a whole semester to get that class," explained Vinny Scandariato.

Though there's no word yet on just how many jobs will be cut in this latest round of lay-offs, students have said their educations can't handle any more cuts.

"The money, time is money I guess. Having to go to school longer, having to take more night classes, having to take more summer school. It basically becomes a burden," said Senior Phil Bach.

"It does bother me because I’ve always wanted to come to college and get the whole college experience, but I feel like here at southeastern I haven't been able to have that because of the budget cuts. Like there's certain things us as students just can't do because southeastern doesn't have the money to do it," added Tawny Scandariato.

A spokesperson for the university said they will have a better idea of just how many jobs will be cut later in the week.

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