Southern University becoming tobacco-free

Southern University becoming tobacco-free
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 6:22pm

Southern University student Darian Prentiss is a smoker and he doesn't like it that his habit is about to get banned on campus,"I think it takes a little bit away from your rights," says Prentiss.

According to the Centers for Disease Control one out of every five Louisianans considers themselves a cigarette smoker, but will a tobacco ban on Southern's campus actually stop anybody from lighting up. "I don't really think it will make much of a difference because people believe rules are made to be broken," says Southern student Jonae Adams. "As far as making people personally stop. I doubt it," says Bryson Alexander.

Both Jonae Adams and Bryson Alexander are nonsmokers. They both feel the move is a step in the right direction for both the campus' looks and students' health. "Having the campus smoke-free would definitely make the campus a lot cleaner. It would be a lot fresher. So you won't have anyone interrupting your good day with smoke," says Alexander. "I have asthma. I can't take the smoke, not even just slight smoke. Can't take that."

Even Darian says the new ban might be a good thing because it might give him the push he needs to kick his habit once and for all, "It's gonna make me stop smoking."

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