Southern to fire faculty and staff

Friday, December 16, 2011 - 7:53pm

The decision was unanimous. The entire Southern Board of Supervisors voting for Chancellor Llorens' plan to lay off thirty-five faculty and more than fifty staff members. It's a decision Faculty Senate President Sudhir Trivedi says will have dire consequences,"I do not know what world these board members live in, but as I can say they're making one bad decision after another and they still want the institution to flourish. That cannot happen if you continue to make bad decisions."

It hasn't yet been decided which professors will get their pink slips or which departments will be hit the hardest. The plan also calls for a decrease in the number of colleges at the university from nine to five. That decrease in both faculty and colleges means an increase in class sizes, but the Chancellor says that won't effect students' education,"We're still not talking about the large classes that are experienced at other universities. That's historically been the way we've delivered our courses. So the adjustments that we're making, even though there are larger class sizes they are still very much within the norm for schools of our size," says Llorens

Staff cuts are set to begin next semester. Faculty will start receiving their termination notices on July 1st. There are losses that Trivedi hopes won't effect students' education, but he's not optimistic,"I hope it does not, but if you gut the faculty, you diminish the quality of the instruction that you impart upon these students," says Trivedi.

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