Schools back in sesson: make smart decisions on the road

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POSTED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 2:43pm

School is officially in session for Ascension Parish. That means 20,000 students will be on buses and in cars morning and afternoon heading to and from class, so being extra cautious on the roads is more important than ever.

In Ascension, 220 buses are en-route morning and night, carrying thousands of children. While you may be done with school shopping, school safety is something you need to think about all year round.

"I hope that they make it to and from safe," said Parent, Quartez Cater.

Carter's son starts kindergarten this week. That means he's taking his first ride on a big yellow school bus.

“I’m very concerned because he likes to look, he likes to see," said Carter.

As any parent would, she can't help but worry about his safety and more importantly the actions of the other people on the road.

“Don’t text and drive and lookout for you and other drivers,” noted Carter.

Ascension Schools Transportation Manager Chad Lynch says one of their biggest problems are careless drivers.

“We hope everyone slows down and looks for the buses, try not to run into them and that’s what we can hope for is no accidents," he said.

Injuries and accidents are prevented simply by paying attention and stopping when you see a sign. Remember, if you do pass a bus with flashing lights, you'll face a hefty fine.

You'll have to watch out for children walking and biking to and from school each morning as well.

"Maybe parents get with their kids and talk about some safety concerns for their kids,” said Louisiana State Officer, Jared Sandifer. “We ask they be wary out there we ask they wear a helmet."

As for Carter, she makes sure her oldest son knows how to be safe.

“I make sure he stops and look both ways before he crosses."

But for her little one heading to school for the first time, she knows he's in good hands. However, she says she’ll never breathe a deep sigh of relief until those drivers start paying better attention.

“Matter of fact they had two wrecks not too far form my kids this morning," said Carter.

If you do pass a bus and there are no cops, that driver can report you to the police and you can still get a ticket.

East Baton Rouge students head back to the classroom starting Monday, Aug. 12.

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