Public schools adjust to higher performance standards


POSTED: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 6:38pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 9:53am

A new report has painted an improving picture for Louisiana schools, including several schools here in East Baton Rouge Parish.

This year, according to standards set by the BESE Board, schools had to score above a 75 out of 200 points in order to make the grade.

180 schools fell below that mark, but it's an improvement over last year, when 264 schools scored under 75 points.

Last year the standard was 65 points.

Schools in the EBR Parish went from 29 to 20 schools scoring under the new 75 point standard. East Baton Rouge Parish School Board President Barbara Freiberg says the school board plans to help turn the remaining schools around.

"We have new faculty, new administrators, new approaches, new teaching methods, and new interventions,” stated Freiberg. “We need to give those programs another year or two to really show a difference."

Freiberg says the way the state evaluate school's performance needs work.

"Where the students were when you got them to where they were at school end - that's not always reflected,” said Freiberg.

A spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Education told NBC33 that public schools across the state have risen to the challenge. They say students’ standardized test scores and end-of-course scores have increased. 

Here are the schools in EBR Parish that are academically unacceptable:

Arlington Preparatory School
Belaire High School
Broadmoor Middle School
Capitol Middle School
Claiborne Elementary School
Delmont Elementary School
Glen Oaks Senior High School
Howell Park Elementary School
Melrose Elementary School
Merrydale Elementary School
Northale Alternative Magnet School
Park Elementary School
Park Forest Middle School
Valley Park School
Winbourne Elementary School
Staring Education Center
Capitol Elementary School
Mayfair Middle School
Inspire Charter Academy
Career Academy

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