Prairieville elementary school gets new technology

Prairieville elementary school gets new technology
Photos provided by the Supriya Jindal Foundation
Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 3:56pm

The Supriya Jindal Foundation continues its push around the state with top of the line Whiteboard Technology. On Thursday, Sept. 1, the students of Oak Grove Elementary school in Prairieville were the latest group to gain access to the interactive technology.

First Graders got a chance to try out the new tools, which includes a laptop, a Promethan interactive whiteboard with speaker system, an interactive response system that will allow students to actively participate in the lesson, all installation, and instructor training for all teachers.
So far the Foundation has given this same package to over 210 classrooms across the state.

“Interactive whiteboards are something we are beginning to see transform education across the country,” Supriya Jindal said in a press release. “A study recently released shows a 17-29 percentile gain in academic achievement in classrooms with such systems versus classrooms without.”

Walmart partnered with the Foundation to help make this possible.

“The Foundation is extremely proud to partner with Walmart, who helped to make this award to Oak Grove Elementary possible,” Mrs. Jindal continued. “With hard work, we have the opportunity to make a lasting and positive difference in education.”

About Interactive Whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards are unique tools teachers say have truly transformed the way they teach. They are sort of like interactive chalkboards - not only can an educator write on them, but he/she can also watch videos, support complex presentations and do any other number of tasks. Teachers are able to download presentations from teachers in other states or from the classroom next door, to help illustrate a lesson. Studies show that such technology gives students the opportunity to learn by combining visual representations, sounds, and the ability to interact with the whiteboard. With varying styles of learning, these interactive whiteboards aid teachers in catering to all our students.

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