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Pitre-Martin gets second shot at becoming EBR School Superintendent


POSTED: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 7:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 9:08pm

For the second time in two months, Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin is being interviewed as a finalist for the position of East Baton Rouge School Superintendent.

"This is somewhat different, in now that I can speak with community leaders, members of the community, going to schools," said Pitre-Martin. "I see it as the next step in the process."

She spent some of the day touring Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet. A school she supervised while working for the EBR schools a few years back.

Then it was back to the hot seat in front of the EBR School Board and members of the public. Their numbers dwindled down from the last meeting, but questions just as sharp..

"What do you think is most important factor in turning around struggling schools?" asked one audience member.

Some of the questions coming as direct responses to bold education reform passing through the State Legislature, like the new teacher tenure bill, making it harder for teacher's to obtain.

"What would you do, as superintendent, with a master's teacher, brought before you, considered highly ineffective because of the new evaluation process?" asked another member of the audience.

Dr. Pitre-Martin responded by saying there would need to be significant documentation as to why a teacher would need to be fired. She also detailed her 90 day entry plan and discussed what she sees as top priority for the district.

"Certainly to ensure that all schools are at certain standards and level of quality," Pitre-Martin said. "We know, according to test scores, we have several schools that certainly need to be pushed and rapidly."

Bernard Taylor will go through the same interview process Wednesday.

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