Lafayette School Superintendent calls his evaluation 'unfair and political'

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 1:15pm

Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says some board members may be laying the groundwork to fire him, this after receiving another low evaluation from board members at last night's meeting.

Dr. Cooper received a score of 3.54 out of 8 possible points.

Some board members like Tehmi Chassion gave Cooper 23 zeros during the evaluation and left no comments for improvements or reasoning, which shows Cooper that the evaluation was not based on his performance as a superintendent, but on a personal vendetta.

"It's apparent to me that they're doing everything in the world they can do to sabotage the Turnaround Plan and to sabotage any efforts of mine. I hate that that's come to this, but I'm going to stand on the side of the children, they can stand on the side of politics, and I just think children are going to win every time," says Dr. Pat Cooper, superintendent of Lafayette Parish School System.

Following Chassion was Rae Trahan giving Cooper 11 zeros, Babineaux with 13 zeros, Angelle with 9 zeros, and Awbrey gave Cooper 7 zeros.

Cooper responded: "You have to be dead to get a zero."

Cooper says his contract states that the board may terminate him for a negative score on his evaluation.

The guidelines for the evaluation call a score below 4 unsuccessful, but the evaluation form calls a score of 3 average.

Dr. Cooper defined his score as above average at last night's meeting and questioned whether those specific board members could argue that score negative, trying to end Cooper as superintendent.

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