Istrouma students help to weatherize homes


POSTED: Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 5:51pm

Lynda Turner has gone through some tough times. Her roof was destroyed by Hurricane Gustav a few years ago, but she recently got a new one. And today, she woke up to students from Istrouma High taking time out of school to help weatherize her home.

"Very overwhelmed. I'm emotional right now," says Turner. "It just went from a roof to weatherization.”

Turner wasn't alone. Fifteen students teamed up with volunteers from Entergy and the city of Baton Rouge to weatherize 16 houses near the high school.

"We're helping out the community, helping people better their homes," says Istrouma student James Hawkins.

Hawkins was one of them. He partnered with fellow Istrouma student Kosher Hawkins to put in new energy efficient lights and install electrical outlet cover plates, but that's not all. The volunteers also weather-stripped Turner’s front door to make sure that excess air didn't escape. With all the little things that the volunteers did it could add up to big savings, ten to 15 percent on her energy bill. And that's great news because she's on a very tight budget.

"I'm very excited about my bills, my utility bills are going to come down substantially I'm sure," says Turner.

And that makes it all worth it to the volunteers who woke up early on Thursday to help her out.

"It's really good for me to know that we helped somebody out and that one less person you know out here that needs help with the electric bill and things like that," says Istrouma student Kosher Hawkins.

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