High school at Hosanna Christian Academy will close down

High school at Hosanna Christian Academy will close down
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Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 12:04am

Hosanna Christian Academy Headmaster held back tears as he broke the news to dozens of students, parents, and teachers.  Its high school will soon be closed down.

"I do feel bad for like the eleventh graders who have gone here all
the way since preschool," said mother Becky Cunningham.  Her daughter is graduating in Spring 2014.

It's a move that has many asking why?
"I was surprised," said Cunningham. "I was surprised of course," said mother Tirany Howard, whose 5 children attend the school. 

The school says, it's just trying to give students a fair chance.
"We do not have the economy of scale to offer all of our students
everything they need, in the way of exotic electives, extracurriculars..." said Headmaster Josh LeSage.

And in the wake of Louisiana's Jump Start career-track program, the
schools says their program doesn't have the tools to measure up.
"We do have a handful of students that are on the career track, and
with only one section per grade level, someone's going to get left
out," he added.

It'll also leave students without their academy, and teachers without jobs, but LeSage says the road doesn't end there.  "I have found jobs for most of them already," he said.  "I think that by the end of next week, we will have a place for them to land in the parish."

On March 27, more than ten other schools will set up at the Academy recruiting students and the department of education will help find assistance for those with scholarships.

"I know he's thinking of the benefits to the students," said Cunningham.
But despite the disbelief, some parents still have faith  "They've analyzed the situation, they've looked at it for what it is, and right now, they're saying they don't think this is what's best for our children and I respect that," said Howard.

"I've got to answer to God one day for how I treat every single child I come across...So I've just got to do what's right, and this does hurt, particularly since this is my alma mater, but it's just the best thing to do for these kids," said LeSage.

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