Governor Jindal calling for school reform

Governor Jindal calling for school reform

POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 8:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 9:06pm

The report cards are out for schools across the state, and almost half of them got a failing grade. Forty-four percent of Louisiana public schools received a D or an F Wednesday and Governor Bobby Jindal says that is unacceptable. He says it's time to fix the problem, and fast.

Jindal says it is his top priority to pass aggressive reforms for K-12 schools. His plan is to give teachers who do a great job in the classroom more incentives to keep working hard for student improvement. He also says he wants to make sure that schools have more options readily available to them, so they can better meet their students' needs.

Former superintendent, Paul Pastorek, resigned back in May. Jindal says he hopes to fill that position with a reform-minded leader who can take action right away.

"The folks that look at this progress and tell us that incremental reform is fine, they will eventually get there, our students only grow up once," he says. "Our children only have one chance to get a great education. Five, ten, or fifteen years is not quick enough for them."

Jindal also calls parents to action, saying they should know their child's school grade, and demand better performance.

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I am a retired teacher in Rapides Parish. I'm responding to your concern about schools report cards being unacceptable. What can you expect? Teachers are overwhelmed with paper work, new programs, documentation of diversity lessons, superintendents making decisions which deny students a proper education, overcrowded classrooms, cuts which are hindering teachers success in the classroom. People making decisions have NO idea what it's like IN THE CLASSROOM. And emphasis is not placed on educating the CHILD -- it's all on teaching to a test to raise scores. No one EVER asks teachers for inputs on decisions. And, after all -- WHO is actually doing all the REAL work with our children? Instead, teachers are unappreciated and ungratified -- working loooong hours for very little pay. Isn't it funny -- there would be no "fat cats" if these individuals had not had good TEACHERS -- but teachers are paid lowest salaries. And when we do ask for a raise, we're accused of not caring about the children!! Ironic -- wouldn't you say -- we have bills to pay, too. Thank you for listening to me -- but I sincerely hope you do more than just LISTEN! Please -- we're losing good teachers to other professions and to other states!

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