Educators at Tara High stand behind policy that allows 'redo's and second chances'

Educators at Tara High stand behind policy that allows 'redo's and second chances'
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POSTED: Friday, November 22, 2013 - 7:30pm

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"Right to a fair grade" is a policy at Tara High School that teachers believe will help their students succeed. The new re-testing policy in East Baton Rouge Parish has lots of people talking.

Teachers are standing behind this policy and even students give testament to it.

"Teachers don't change grades, students change grades in this world."

A controversial policy floating around, the "right to a fair grade" policy, is one Tara High School has fully adopted.

"Now I can improve on the things I may not have been up to par on," said Tara High School student, Emanual Matthews.

Students get the chance to re-take tests and redo assignments if they want a better grade. It’s something Principal Karen Triche says is working.

"The opportunity is for those who want to do better."

Associate Superintendent, Orlando Ramos says he did the research. This method is something he offered schools to utilize but so far only two have embraced it.

"What this staff says is that were not going to turn a kid down who comes to us and says I didn't get it yesterday but by god I got it today, can you give me an opportunity to show my mastery," noted Ramos.

Tara has enforced this "second chance" method for awhile but now it’s on paper.

"What happens if you don’t try, your grade does what? Stays the same," said Principal Triche.

Teacher’s say there might be some speculation but they have seen the success first hand.

"We want to make sure the students get what they need to pass on to the next level,” said teacher, Latasha Julien.

Especially with common core in place, they say this policy is more important than ever.

"He’s the proof why we created that."

The way I was thinking was like man I am just going to do this and get by and in order for me to go to the next level and play ball I can't have got by grades,” said student, Damonte Coxie.

Damonte Coxie's future now looks brighter, all because he was given this opportunity to improve.

“This child is a completely different student because he was given the opportunity to redo to retake and to fix to get his attitude together," said teacher, Arienne Fraizer.

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