EBR School District to kick the flu with in school clinics at all schools

EBR School District to kick the flu with in school clinics at all schools
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POSTED: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 5:54pm

It's time to get your flu shot and now students across the area can get it, too, for free. It’s all through a partnership between Baton Rouge public schools, Our Lady of the Lake and Health Centers in Schools.

"I don't want to be infected with the flu. I don't want to miss school and I hate being sick," said Baton Rouge Magnet Senior, Stephanie Guidry.

Stephanie Guidry doesn't like missing class while others don’t like missing out on games.

“I don't like being sick cause I am always out doing stuff like sports so it’s hard for me to miss that,” said Senior, Yohan Shirazi.

For these two high school seniors, getting vaccinated was a no brainer.

“It’s a small investment to make to make sure we keep our kids n school and healthy," stated Our Lady of the Lady Foundation CEO, John Paul Funes.

Students in all EBR schools have the chance to beat the bug before it appears.

“Anything that we can do as a district to facilitate children being well is something we will support,” noted EBR School District Superintendent, Bernard Taylor.

“This year it will include the strains we thought will hit us as well as the H1N1 which we haven’t let it out at this point," said local Pediatrician, Roberta Vicari.

Yohan is now happy he can do his part by protecting his loves ones.

"It keeps my family from being in danger of getting the virus and it keeps my environment safe,” noted Shirazi.

As for Stephanie, she’s just happy she’s one step ahead of game.

“Many of my friends have had the flu and it seems awful," noted Guidry.

Each year an average of 20 thousand children fewer than five are hospitalized because of the flu. Since they started vaccinating in schools, the number of kids admitted has gone down drastically. The kids will be getting the nasal spray vaccinations not the shots.

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