Crestworth teachers still aren’t getting paid


POSTED: Friday, August 17, 2012 - 4:30pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 19, 2012 - 12:16pm

Meagan Young has been a teacher a Crestworth Learning Academy for a year. She says it's been her dream to be a teacher.

But for the second time in under a month, her paycheck hasn't come. She's left with no income, and no idea when she'll see even a dime.

“I’ve honestly felt isolated in this whole incident - the preacher hasn't contacted us or let us know anything - and it's the teachers who are suffering,” said Young.

Thirty staff members at the school were told they checks wouldn't be coming, not by letter or phone call, but by this voice message:

“This call is on behalf of the Crestworth Learning Academy Board of Directors to inform you that payroll check deposits for August 15 will be delayed. As soon as the matter is cleared you will be informed when to expect your payroll to be deposited into your account. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.”

Staff members here say they're not patient or understanding anymore. Young says she's at the point where she doesn't know where to turn and that she could lose everything.

“They’re not paying me now, so that means that I don’t have any income,” stated Young. “I’ve had to contact family members to have food and necessities. I’m in jeopardy of getting evicted from my home.”

She's called and even went to the Board of Directors, but hasn't gotten any answers. Young says it's infuriating.

While she waits for the mistake to be corrected, she has a strong and serious question for the pastor, “If all of a sudden you take that livelihood away from me, how am I supposed to eat? Where am I going to live?”

NBC33 made several calls to Crestworth officials, which went unanswered. Currently, the school is closed because of several issues, including fire codes.

Crestworth is now under control of the Recovery School District, who says that Crestworth is still responsible for paying teachers for the time being.


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This is what happens when you have unclassified positions and no accountability for who you hire. The louisiana department of education and Bobby Jindal are to blame for hiring incompotent fools to run their HR department. the craziest thing about this whole story which hasnt been reported is that they they hire these uneducated, inexperienced people that are politically connected and start them off at $80k a year while the evil regular state workers only make $30k.

things that make you go hmm

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