Community and technical colleges gather at Capitol: hope to inspire residents and lawmakers

Community and technical colleges gather at Capitol: hope to inspire residents and lawmakers
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 5:20pm

Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges came together to present some of their "in demand" programs to our lawmakers and the public today at the capitol proving you don't need a four year degree to get a job in our state.

They presented the Louisiana Workforce Experience. Right now in Louisiana, there are so many fields in desperate need of workers because our economy is booming.

From graphic design, to cutting edge medical technology and even advanced robotics, you would never think those things could come from students that attend community colleges and technical schools, but think again.

"These are exciting things were doing with these technologies like being able to take these programmable, logic controllers and create a distributor control system, that IS able to do useful work is an amazing feat for a 2 year college degree," said student, Kristopher Lewis.

It's true, our technical schools are preparing our students for the ever-changing and growing workforce.

"Louisiana is in the midst of a substantial economic growth period right now, “stated Monty Sullivan, the System President of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System Board of Supervisors .

The 13 different schools hoped to inspire our lawmakers to continue to invest their time in non-conventional colleges and degree plans.

"It’s not just enrollment, were seeing a huge increase in people graduating from our institutions and going to work," noted Sullivan.

Students like Kristopher Lewis and Blake Faucheaux say community college was the best choice for their futures.

“It’s very goal oriented and it will introduce you into the work environment," said Faucheaux.

“I think the last figure I heard was 20 thousand jobs in the next couple of years and that's what drove me to go because that's where the jobs are," said Lewis.

Blake and Kristopher are learning skills they can't get anywhere else that they'll be able to put to use sooner.

“The main thing people in this state need to realize that they need to go back to school and get educated and get these jobs,” noted Lewis.

These students are just two examples of how it's never too late to pursue a dream and gain a career right here in Louisiana.

Most of the fields in high demand right now are those stem jobs like science, technology, engineering and math.

For more information about Louisiana's Community and Technical College System, visit their website here.

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