Children learn about 9/11 as many of us look back and remember

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POSTED: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 4:53pm

As we all remember that devastating day 12 years ago, children opened their textbooks for a "history" lesson about this date and what it means.

Fifth grade students at Lakeside Primary School in Ascension Parish watched the event that devastated the nation nearly 12 years ago. It’s something these children have trouble grasping because they were not born when it happened. However, their teacher Jill Larzelere says it’s something they need to learn.

"The kids are loosing touch with what happened and I want it keep it alive,” she said.

And even though it’s hard for them to feel the impact, they know very much how it changed our nation.

"They told us it was the biggest terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor on American soil," said fifth grade student, Ulrich Gaffney.

Eric Bautista says his mom never stops telling him where she was on that very day.

"My mom told me they were in the hospital because of me - because she was pregnant with me," he said.

And even 5-year-olds are starting to learn about the attacks. Even though they don't understand they do know that today is a day to thank our first responders.

“A long time ago 2 planes hit into a building and died and the firemen and policemen saved them,” said first grader, Amelia Causey.

So as many of us remember where we were that day. These students are simply starting to learn about a day our country will never forget.

"It is very overwhelming for them because they are seeing things they could never imagine happening now,” noted Larzelere.

The first grade class also made banners to give to first responders in the area. First graders are not really taught about 9/11 at this school but the teachers say most of them know alittle due to their parents.

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