Central High teacher victim of hacker

Photo obtained by NBC33 News

POSTED: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 9:35am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 12:57pm

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THIS IS AN NBC33 NEWS UPDATE: NBC33 reported on this story after being e-mailed by who we believed to be a concerned parent. Our news team did our duty to contact the appropriate agencies to confirm that there was, in fact, an investigation going on involving a teacher and inappropriate photos.

In the news article below, we have removed the teacher's name - to protect her identity, since it appears she is the victim in this case. We have also removed the image associated with this story. Our news department will continue to investigate this story and bring new information as it becomes available.

Below is the statement from the teacher's attorney:

"Please be advised that this young lady has never and would never give or release anything like this to a student. She has never and would never have this type of relationship with a student. She loves and respects her position as a teacher. The images you discuss were stolen from her computer. The images were of a private nature and were nearly 4 years old. She believed that the images had been deleted, but now knows that they were apparently still accessible. Needless to say, this young lady is mortified.

"We believe her email account was hacked by a party or parties bent on causing her harm. While in her email account, this party or parties found the pictures, gained access to her contacts, and began emailing these images to these random contacts, including co-workers and her superiors. She learned of this Christmas Eve when she began to receive messages from friends and other parties. This party also attempted to hack into her Facebook account, but apparently was not successful. This party or parties has emailed the school, news organizations, and many other parties pretending to be concerned citizens or parents. Additionally, this party or parties has posted her and her family’s name, address, and phone numbers online. Again, with the assumed purpose of harming this young lady's reputation, and harming those near to her.

"When she learned she was hacked, she immediately contacted Central High School, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, and the FBI to report this crime. We are told that all three organizations are investigating the matter. She has, is, and will continue to cooperate with the school and authorities to clear her name of any wrong doing. She has, is, and will continue to provide the school and authorities with unfettered access to any phone, Facebook, email, and any other type of computer records she has that will help with their investigations. She is patiently awaiting the results of the investigation of this matter and knows that her name will be cleared thereafter. She is also praying that the investigations will lead to finding the party that has harmed her and hopes that person will be prosecuted to the full extent.

"She prefers not to speak about the matter at this time and hopes the investigation will conclude soon," Attorney William R. Aaron, II.

THIS IS AN NBC33 NEWS UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the EBR Sheriff's office tells NBC33 News the teacher's e-mail may have been hacked. She says someone may have accessed the teacher's computer and released the photos.

We're told the Sheriff's Department will not release any further information due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. We also now know, the EBRSO investigation was initiated by the teacher, who appears to be the victim in this case.

NBC33 News will continue to track this story and alert you to new developments.

ORIGINAL STORY: A concerned parent of a Senior at Central High School reached out to NBC33 News to investigate why his son had access to nude pictures of his teacher. NBC33 has edited the photos to remove images some viewers may find offensive.

The parent tells NBC33 News, he overheard his son and a friend discussing the photos and viewing them on their cell phones. He e-mailed these photos to NBC33 News. The concerned parent tells NBC33 News the teacher sent the photos through text messaging.

NBC33 Reporter Brix Fowler is tracking this story, and spoke with Central Community School System Superintendent Michael Faulk who will only say, "We are conducting an investigation in accordance with our personnel policy." When asked if the teacher was still teaching at Central High School, Faulk would only say, "We are conducting an investigation in accordance with our personnel policy."

We will continue to track this story, and bring you new developments as they become available. Students at Central High School don't return to class until January 5, 2012.

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