Bus security cameras could cost you a $300 ticket


POSTED: Friday, December 21, 2012 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 21, 2012 - 6:49pm

A pilot program that installed security cameras in buses across the East Baton Rouge school system has got the tentative ‘OK’ from board members to expand.

"I am a little leery about expanding with out knowing more and so we're going to grow slowly," Craig Freeman, a school board member explained, "Part of what we did last was we said, while we expand we're going to dedicate money to educating people about bus safety. To me it's not about money, it's about safety for kids."

The cameras, installed and operated by a private company, don't cost the school system a dime, but they do bring in revenue, by catching people who use illegal maneuvers around school buses.

“We’ve been able to go back and use these cameras to take a look at some of the incidents that have happened on the buses, and to clarify some of the discipline situations that have occurred. So we have used them internally and i know that there have been tickets issued," Barbara Freiberg, another school board member added.

A ticket from one of the on-board cameras though, will cost you somewhere in the $300 range.

"The other problem that you're going to have is that these are pretty serious fines. And so people are going to say, is this about safety or is this about money? For me it truly isn't about money, and so if we could stop people from doing it without the fine. I would be happy to do that," Freeman said.

School board members have said a portion of the revenue generated from the tickets will also go toward public safety campaigns as a gentle reminder to drivers about the rules of the road and bus safety.

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