Board of Regents adopts master plan

Board of Regents adopts master plan

POSTED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 9:52am

The Board of Regents adopted a Master Plan for Higher Education today outlining the long-term goals for the state’s colleges and universities through 2025. The new plan will be delivered to the Legislature no later than September 1, 2011 as referenced in HCR 121 of the 2011 Regular Session. The last Master Plan was adopted in 2001.

The goals of the new 2011 Master Plan include:
   - Increasing the educational attainment of the State’s adult population to the Southern Regional Education Board average by 2025.

   - Investing strategically in university research.

   - Achieving greater efficiency and accountability in the postsecondary education enterprise.

The Plan outlines 18 objectives, 71 activities and 65 performance measures to achieve the above goals. Through these goals, related activities and measurable metrics, the plan assures that its imple-mentation will be monitored, evaluated and reported throughout the duration.

“A tremendous amount of progress has been made in Louisiana since 2001 and we have more students achieving the dream of attending college than ever before, but today’s economy requires that students not only attend, they have to graduate,” said Board of Regents Chairman Bob Levy. "To reach the goal of increasing the educational attainment of our adult population to the SREB average of 42 percent the progress we’ve made must not only continue, it must accelerate.”

“These are very ambitious targets for our state,” said Commissioner of Higher Education Jim Purcell. “If each of our institutions meets its GRAD Act goals by 2015, we will still have to increase by 9 percent the number of associate degrees and by 5 percent the number of baccalaureate degrees produced through 2025. We have to continue to require our institutions to far exceed their performance to date, but I think they understand the urgency of this aspriational goal.”

The 2001 Master Plan focused primarily on improved access to college for Louisiana’s students and resulted in measurable progress through increased minimum admissions criteria and support for the state’s developing community and technical college system including:

   - Increased graduation rates (36.3 percent in 2001 compared to 42.6 percent in 2010)

   - More first-time freshman enrolled in two-year/technical institutions (21 percent in 2000, compared to 44 percent in 2010)

   - More students completing the Regents’ Core Curriculum (56.5 percent in 2003 compared to 62.7 percent in 2010)

   - Increased ACT scores for high school graduates (19.6 in 2001 compared to 21.1 in 2011)

   - Fewer students requiring remedial coursework upon entering college (32.3 percent in 2001 compared to 20.8 percent in 2009)

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