Ascension School District to implement new security plan


POSTED: Monday, March 18, 2013 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 18, 2013 - 7:45pm

It’s been three months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and schools across the nation have been revamping their security measures ever since, including districts here in Louisiana.

The Ascension School District has announced new security measures and protocols for its schools.

The Ascension Parish School Board and Sheriffs Office are working together to put a plan in action to make the schools safer. Schools across the parish already have School Resource Officers, now they'll have school Security Officers.

Sixteen officers who are thoroughly trained and prepared for any situation will be dispersed throughout the district. There will also be 4 mobile officers added in the fall, who will travel from school to school on a daily basis.

The district will also install security cameras, assess entrances and exits, and train all teachers as well. The whole plan is something they say has been thoroughly looked at and if something were to occur, all schools will be prepared.

“We’ve taken some time here and really thought through really analyzed where we are with school safety and and security, said Ascension School District Superintendent, Patrice Pujol.

"Blue and white unit parked at that school and a man or a woman trained with a weapon," said Ascension Sheriff, Jeff Wiley.

The district also wants to increase the number of drills each year. It will also be starting an information campaign to reach out to the students, to help stop something before it happens. The sheriff and the school board will split the salary of the extra mobile officers.

All of the other new security measures will be paid for by the school board and there's no estimated cost right now.

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