Who is responsible when students skip Common Core testing?

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education met today in the Baton Rouge. First item in the agenda was participation rates in common core testing.

LSU researchers come up with app to help fishermen

Louisiana fishermen will soon be able to navigate through hurricane season a little easier.

Human trafficking survivor shares her story with LSU students

It's a scary thought that lurks in the back of your mind from time to time; someone could be around waiting to do you harm.

The Start of Jaguar Nation, Southern University History

It rests as a jewel on the bank of the Mississippi river in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Southern University is the largest historically black college university, when you take into account all of its campuses.

Commissioner talks higher education cuts at Press Club

Colleges all over Louisiana learned on Friday that they would lose over 141 million dollars in state funding.

The 2016 executive budget is here.

The presentation of the 2016 executive budget is nowhere close to the finish line. If anything, legislators have a lot of work to look forward to.

How students at Southeast Middle School plan to fight breast cancer

 "Our kids need to give back to our community. Our community really supports them. I want my kids to understand that when you ask for help, you'll receive it," said Michelle Perk, a teacher at Southeast Middle School.

Inside the Classroom: How teachers in different situations view their job

More people are talking about public education now than ever before, including standardized testing, vouchers, and funding. But teachers, the most important people in education, are not involved in many of the conversations.

Baton Rouge Charter Schools names new regional director

Raquel Square, a well-known Baton Rouge school leader has joined the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) team as a regional director of education for Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Mock trial shows high school students the consequences of impaired driving

More than 25 years in prison, that's what one Broadmoor High student faces... well, not officially. The student wasn't really sentenced to that long in prison, but it could happen.

Redemptorist alumni running out of time, hope, in quest to keep school open

Alumni of Redemptorist High School are running out of time and options to save the school from closing down. And they are losing faith that the bishop and the Diocese are listening to their pleas.

Harlem Globetrotters player spreads anti-bullying message to young fans

The Harlem Globetrotters make a lot of young children happy with their play on the court, but they also make a lot of them better people through their work off the court.

Visually impaired students compete in Louisiana Braille Challenge

More than 100 students from the across the state competed in a unique competition Wednesday.

LSU students protest suspect description stereotypes

It seems America has been re-questioning its relationship with race more frequently. Last Saturday, LSU students got a text message saying to be wary of a black suspect wearing a hoodie.

Pennington launches new tool to fight childhood obesity

A new tool could be the key to fighting childhood obesity in Louisiana.