Drinking game has taken social media by storm: possibly life threatening

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 8:33am

What started as a drinking game has now taken over social media and is also taking lives.

“Half of the time they end up being the end of the joke,” said LSU Health Center’s, Cathy Saichuck. ”It’s not really a funny joke."

A new drinking game that apparently started in Australia has already made its way to the UK and now, it's popping up here. But this one is causing some pretty big problems.

There are hundreds of drinking games out there today but this one tops them all. Because of the nature of this so called game there have been numerous deaths in both Australia and the UK because people have taken it to the extreme. Although people may be laughing about it here, be aware, it's no laughing matter.

It all starts as fun and games. Well, these "jokes" are now taking the social media world by storm.

It’s called “Neknomination” and it’s the newest craze in drinking games.

“It's just for entertainment I guess other than that there is no way I would do that," said LSU student, Robert James.

“You’re just stupid. There is no other way around it and it’s just stupid,” said student Brooke LeBlanc.

Well the consensus seems to be these people are taking it a way too far but in Australia and the UK this game has morphed into something a lot more sinister. These people have 24 hours to consume a huge alcoholic drink then nominating a friend to do it, then they post it on a social media site like face book or you tube, if they don't they are ridiculed on social media then the cycle continues.

"Common sense is totally suspended on this," noted Saichuck.

Health experts tell us not only is this pure stupidity it’s potentially life threatening.

"Large amounts of alcohol in a very short period of time: the body cannot handle that and it cannot process it very well."

"I don't want an unnecessary trip to the hospital," said Shay Fabacher.

But that's just the excessive alcohol, when you factor in the other bizarre ingredients; there is no telling what could happen.

“There is risk of infection, risk of the mouse caring some kind of disease or any number of complications that could occur."

So as this "game" begins to make its way to the US, the hope is that people here will use common sense.

“I wouldn't say drinking your pee is cool, I like to drink but not like that,” said Jamison Hart.

As we mentioned, there have been a few reported deaths from this game who were all men under the age of thirty. So far we have no word on any here in the US but from the looks of social media people here are apparently already participating.

We spoke with the young man in our video we used from youtube. He said his “Neknomination” was disgusting but his friends got a really good laugh. He says that would be the most extreme and anything more would be careless and irresponsible.

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