Undecided voters watch presidential debate with skeptical eyes

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POSTED: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 10:24pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 3:37pm

Current polls say the number of undecided voters is small, but still large enough to tip the presidential election.

And they say they are listening carefully.

"I was pretty set on Obama before the last debate but I'm kind of going with the polls," said Thomas Charter, a sophomore at LSU. "I mean, Romney has impressed me a little more."

Charter was one of dozens of students who watched Tuesday night's debate together. He said the debates have allowed the candidates to explain who are they are more than they can in a commercial.

"I finally got to see a little more of Romney's personality," Charter said, "and the kind of person he is."

But Charter says Romney also has flaws in his platform. He said he still needs to hear, "a little bit about Romney's plans for health care. He's been pretty inconsistent so far."

During Tuesday night's town hall, Charter said President Obama did a good job of earning back his approval.

"I'll check the facts after this debate," Charter said, "but I really like the way Obama's looking here so far. He seems a little...livelier than last time."

Facts. Both candidates offered a lot of them, but Charter says he will have to do his own research before he is willing to believe either one. He said that a lack of integrity is his biggest concern with giving one of them his vote.

"It's become the norm: 'he said, that sounded nice, it was probably a good point, but is it true?' We don't know, we can't trust them. I can't trust Romney, I can't really trust Obama," he said.

Charter mentioned that if he were able to ask one question of President Obama and Governor Romney, it would involve campaign finance reform. He said the candidates need to be more honest about where they get the large amounts of money they spend. At the same time, he did not expect either one would give him a satisfactory answer.

The final presidential debate will be Monday, October 22, and will focus on foreign policy.

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Im not skeptical anymore----Romney has my Vote!

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