The GOP Presidential candidates push to New Hampshire primary

Friday, January 6, 2012 - 1:14pm

With New Hampshire's primary just days away, frontrunner Mitt Romney is splitting his time between there and South Carolina, and getting slammed for it by his opponents.

All the candidates realize South Carolina's a huge prize for conservatives, but New Hampshire is first, and the frontrunner are taking heat for courting both.

Mitt Romney starts the day in South Carolina after picking up endorsements from the state's governor and senator john McCain.

On a campaign stop, Romney slammed President Obama for making appointments without Senate confirmation. "Instead of free enterprise choosing the winners and losers, instead the government, and particularly the people in power, will choose the people they want to give special favors to," said Mitt Romney, (R) Presidential Candidate.

The Boston Globe endorsed Jon Huntsman, calling him "best prepared."

Huntsman slammed Romney for campaigning away from New Hampshire voters. "The people of New Hampshire don't want a coronation you know what I mean. They want people to earn the vote as opposed to sitting tonight down in South Carolina so certain of a victory," said Jon Huntsman, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Huntsman backers have doubled their ad buys.

Newt Gingrich promises to keep his ads positive but challenge Romney's credentials. "He's not a conservative. It's a joke for him to call himself a conservative. It's a Saturday Night Live skit," said Newt Gingrich, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Rick Santorum is calling his eight vote loss in Iowa a "tie." He says he's raised one and a half million dollars online since the caucuses, and insists he's not backing away from religion in this campaign. "We always need a Jesus candidate. . . "We need someone who believes in something more than themselves, some, some higher power, some God, and not just the economy," said Rick Santorum, (R) Presidential Candidate.

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