Romney still cornered by President Obama's new deportation policy

POSTED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 7:04pm

President Obama's move on immigration is paying off politically.

A whopping 64% of likely voters told Bloomberg they support the Obama order to let 800,000 young undocumented migrants stay in the U.S. to study or work.

Democrats are playing up the issue.

"Mitt Romney is AWOL on this! Mitt, if you can hear us where do you stand?" asked California's Rep. Xavier Becerra.

Romney was in Michigan, not talking immigration, but instead, warning that President Obama's doing with the U.S. economy what European leaders at the G-20 summit decided today to do in Europe: Spend more to put people to work.

Not on Romney's bus trip, like others said to be under consideration for his vice presidential slot, is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who proposed an immigration plan like the president's.

"I think immigration is a very important issue in the Hispanic community because it's a personal one. It's not a statistic," Rubio said on CNBC Tuesday.

Other Republicans are moving to block what they call the Obama immigration "stunt".

It's left Mitt Romney in the middle.

Republican leaders say they're waiting to hear what romney wants to do on immigration. 

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