Jindal supports Rick Perry in Iowa caucuses

Jindal supports Rick Perry in Iowa caucuses
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 5:44pm

Rick Perry is getting support from another famous governor ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Governor Bobby Jindal officially endorsed Perry at a town hall event in Des Moines. Jindal told a crowd of voters exactly why he's supporting the Texan leader.

“Rick Perry stands for a fiscally responsible vision. He's not just talking the talk about a lower flat tax, about a constitutional amendment to balance our budget, (or) part-time Congress,” stated Jindal. “He's actually led in the state of Texas for eleven years. We've got a president in the White House who's a great speaker but who had never run anything before he was elected president. We cannot afford four years of on-the-job training."

Jindal added that Perry understands the United States cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity.

The results of tonight's caucuses could likely determine the Republican presidential candidate.

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