Bill Clinton explains why he thinks Obama needs four more years

Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 8:00am

He is arguably the strongest voice in the Democratic Party right now... A former president... Explaining here last night why the current president needs four more years.

The Democrats most popular living President, Bill Clinton, making the case to re-elect Barack Obama.

"No one could've fully repaired all the damage he found in just 4 years," said the former President.

Defending health reform, "Are we all better off because President Obama fought for health care reform? You bet we are."

He attacked what he called lies about Mr. Obama's Medicare cuts and welfare reform, and condemned Mitt Romney's plan to reduce the debt and boost the economy.

"We simply can not afford to give the reins of government to someone who will double-down on trickle-down," proclaimed Former President, Bill Clinton.

In the official state by state vote, Ohio put President Obama over the top.

"All 188 votes - for the President and the next President of the United States - Barack Obama!"

In a surprise appearance, President Obama joined Clinton on stage.

The President speaks tonight.

Vice President Biden did a late night walk through while breakdown continues at Bank of America Stadium.

His speech and all Thursday's events moved inside amid the threat of severe weather, dampening the democrats' final day.

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