As GOP field narrows, core issues of campaign take shape

POSTED: Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 8:00am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 8:04am

In politics this morning, not only has the field narrowed with Rick Santorum out of the race, but the top candidates seem to be honing in on two issues: women and the economy.

Mitt Romney claims nearly all the jobs lost under the Obama Administration over 90% have been lost by women.

Now, the president's pushing back, highlighting Romney's record on women's health issues.

The Anti-Abortion National Right To Life coalition announces its presidential endorsement today, decided after Rick Santorum left the race.

The Obama campaign's been attacking Mitt Romney on women's issues.

An Anti-Romney ad shows the former governor saying, "Yes. Planned Parenthood, we're gonna get rid of that."

But Romney pushed back, "This is a President who also has some explaining to do to the women of America . . . This President's economic policies, they have failed American women," proclaimed the Presidential Candidate.

A conservative Pro-Romney group is putting this ad on the air, also trying to turn the focus back to the economy and the president's energy policy. While showing gas station signs, the narrator says, "No matter how Obama spins it, gas costs too much."

The right has accused President Obama of "class warfare" by pitching the so called "Buffett Rule," requiring millionaires to pay a 30% minimum in taxes.

"We can't afford to keep spending more money on tax cuts for millionaires who don't need them and weren't even asking for them," said the President.

At that event, the president brought out a roomful of millionaires, and their secretaries, to back him.

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