Crook makes off with $1000 of 'legal weed'

Crook makes off with $1000 of 'legal weed'
Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 4:42pm

ZACHARY, La (NBC33) – It’s technically potpourri, but more commonly known as “legal weed.” The convenience store commodity is fast becoming a target for crooks.

The Zachary Police Department is looking for a man they believe stole over a thousand dollars worth of the incense. Although it smells and looks like potpourri, the effects, when smoked, are similar to marijuana.

The theft happened at Lynn’s food mart in Zachary on La. 19. The store sells over 215 different varieties of the synthetic blends. Detectives say the high street value of the legal drug is what makes it a big target for a robbery.

"There's always going to be a demand, so there will be a supply, and that will increase thefts and increase street value, which will increase profits, which will increase the need to steel,” Detective Scott Dupuy, Zachary Police Department, explained. “It's always supply and demand."

Surveillance camera’s caught Jared Parker, 21, in the store near the time of the incident. They’re currently looking to find him for questioning.

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