Substance found on Lousiana coast

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 6:44am

Grand Isle, LA (NBC 33)-- The Coast Guard is still investigating an oily substance that started washing ashore in Lousiana over the weekend. The stuff first hit the shores of Grand Isle. Workers are cleaning up the beach and scooping up any sandt hat appears to have an oily sheen. The Coast Guard says the discolored goop is just river sediment. There are traces of oil but officials don't believe it's related to the BP oil spill. Workers are still taking this very seriously. Coast Guard Marc McManus says "Whenever there's a spill we take samples and then those type of samples can be analyzed to fingerprint the oil and you can compare it to other oil sources so in the next two days this is what we will be doing taking those samples and comparing it to other oil samples to confirm exactly where the oil is coming from." The Coast Guard says about ten thousand feet of boom is ready to make sure it doesn't impact land.

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