One Year Later: BP responds

POSTED: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 10:29pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 4:24pm

BP, just like everyone on the Gulf Coast, has been through a lot in the past year, and they know it.

Mike Utsler is the chief operating officer of BP's gulf coast restoration organization.

“As a company, of course, this is some of our most challenging hours over the course of this past year,” states Utsler.

The company has to deal with clean up and, of course, the claims process. Utsler says the job is far from easy.

“It is our efforts and intentions working with the individuals, the business, the local communities, the states, and the federal government on what the recovery and restoration will involve.”

But not everyone's been pleased with what BP is doing, especially those waiting for money. And while BP says the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is working on it, the man in charge of claims, Ken Feinberg, says things won't be back to the way they were.

"I can’t give you back your heritage. I can’t restore the Gulf the way it was 100 years ago,” stated Feinberg. “I can only do what small role I can play in providing you compensation for your current damage."

As for bringing back the beaches and tourism, Utsler says cleaning up and making things right is important to BP. That's why BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization will stay on the Gulf, until the oil is out of the marshes, and the coast is booming again.

“We know we'll be judged by our actions, not our words,” said Utsler. “We are still here; we’re a part of the local communities; we're doing our best every day to complete response and to continue to support recovery of the Gulf Coast.”

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