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Back on the Water

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 8:26pm

PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND, Ak (NBC33) -  Rick Wade owns a diving company in Valdez, Alaska.  He was the first civilain called to the Exxon Valdez to look at the leak.

He says it didn't take long before he knew the "leak" was much worse.

Wade says even though the spill happened more than 20 years ago - there are days when the effects of it still hit him.

Wade - along with many others have learned from that day, and have bounced back.  They said they did it by looking forward, and not focusing on the short term, or lasting effects of the spill.

"There's no way that this thing is gonna be 100% remediated and back the way it was - we have to learn to cope".  says Wade.


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