Walker Chief collars burglary suspect

Walker Chief collars burglary suspect
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 1:15pm

A burglary suspect is behind bars in Walker after he evaded police for over an hour.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 25 at around 3:00 p.m. We’re told Walker Police Officer David Morris noticed a white male, wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts, walking east along the railroad tracks in Walker toward Walker North Road as Morris was making a routine patrol along Duff Road.

“While observing the man, Officer Morris was approached by two teenage boys who said they had just seen a white male wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts prowling around a residence on Duff Road a short distance away,” Captain Sharp, explained. “The teens told Officer Morris that when the man saw the boys, he quickly walked away from the area, leaving behind a black bicycle.”

After hearing the boys’ story, Morris found that the man he had seen walking along the tracks had vanished. Officer Morris instructed the teens to return to their residence while he looked for the man. However, after 25 minutes Officer Morris had to break off the patrol in order to respond to other calls.

“About 3:45 p.m., Walker Police received a call from a resident on Duff Road who found two chainsaws and a gas powered blower in his yard, along with a black bicycle,” Captain Sharp stated. “Officer Morris heard the call and gave Chief Grimes the physical and clothing description of the white male seen leaving the Duff Road area.”

Additional Walker Police Officers were dispatched to the area and Chief Grimes instructed them to set up a perimeter and begin a search for the man.

“After receiving the Duff Road call, it was apparent that the two teens had interrupted a burglary,” Chief Grimes stated. “I felt like we had a chance to apprehend the suspect before he could leave the area if we acted quickly.”

A Sheriff’s Office K-9 team and LPSO Air Support also responded to assist in the search. Officer Morris took a position on Browden Street, near the area where he last saw the suspect. While there, Morris was contacted by a resident who inquired about the police activity in the area.

“When Officer Morris told the resident that police were searching for a burglary suspect, the resident told him that her daughter had seen a man matching the suspect’s description running through their backyard about 10 minutes earlier,” said Captain Sharp.

As Walker Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies continued looking for the suspect, Chief Grimes noticed a dark SUV driving slowly down East Railroad toward Walker North. The vehicle was driven by a white female and was occupied by a white male. As it passed, Grimes saw that the male passenger was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, but there was something suspicious.

“Despite the fact that it was a cool day,” Chief Grimes explained, “the man was sweating like a marathon runner.”

Grimes stopped the vehicle and questioned the man, identified as Chadwick Jones, 41, of Denham Springs, but Jones denied any involvement in the burglary.

“Walker Police Detective Christopher Gunter then photographed Mr. Jones using his cell phone and sent the photograph by text message to detectives at the Duff Road scene and to Officer Morris who was still with the Browden Street witness,” Captain Sharp explained. “The two teens who first reported seeing the suspect were able to identify Mr. Jones from the photo. The Browden Street resident also positively identified Mr. Jones as the man seen running through her back yard.”

Based on the identification of Mr. Jones by the three eye witnesses, Jones was taken into custody.
Chief Grimes credited the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for their assistance.

“We are very fortunate to have the resources of the Sheriff’s Office available to us,” Chief Grimes stated. “We had our officers and Sheriff’s Deputies blocking the escape routes and with an LPSO K-9 team on the ground and Air Support overhead, it’s no wonder that Mr. Jones was sweating.”

During the booking process, Walker Police learned that Jones also had outstanding warrants through the 21st Judicial District Court.

“Mr. Jones was booked into the Livingston Parish Detention Center on charges of simple burglary and criminal damage to property,” Captain Sharp stated. “He was also charged with criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia and simple burglary, based on his outstanding warrants.”

Jones remains in jail, with bond set at $70,500.00.

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