Violent 'knockout game' hits home; BR boy suffers concussion, cuts

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POSTED: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 2:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 2:46pm

He dreams of becoming an engineer, loves computers, and even knows Kung Fu,  but right now, this twelve year old can't do any of those things.

"It's frustrating that I can't even send my child to school.  I didn't know what happened to my son, he was bleeding," said his mother.  
In fact, his doctors won't even allow him to read or watch TV because it might damage his brain for good. This is a result of a violent craze, called the knockout game. But it's no game for this mother. "It's a scary thing as a parent," she said.

The "game" is an attempt to knock a stranger unconscious and walk away, some with the intent of posting a video of it online. Well, It happened
right here at this Baton Rouge bus transfer station Friday. Someone punched the victim near his temple, and that's when he fell. "he was
unresponsive" He walked away with a concussion and cuts, and while a sign at the site says the station had 24 hour surveillance, this mother says
otherwise. "I wanted answers. I want to see that they're making it safer for our kids. it's not just about my child. it's about everyone's child.
you think that when you send your child to school that they can focus on school.

Many people have been severely injured and some don't survive these attacks.  "It seems like there's so much more to worry about these days than
simply getting an education"

She has some words for the person who did this to her son. "I hope this person thinks twice before ever doing this again. What if it's their brother next time?  She says that schools, students, and parents alike need to take an active role in putting this to a stop.

"What will it take for somebody to do something?" she asked.  "Isn't it enough that one child has been hurt?"

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