Violence continues in Baton Rouge


POSTED: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 8:43pm

When gunshots rang out in Brittany Jackson's neighborhood Monday night, she panicked. "I just started running, grabbed my kids, and ran in the house," she says. "My friend, she was under the bed with her babies."

Add that shooting to a  very violent weekend in the capitol city. In five days, there have been five murders. 

The latest shooting happened Tuesday morning on Helm Street in the Gardere area. Police say 27-year-old Frederick Rady killed a man, and injured another, at his home.

Since Thursday, two teenagers from Istrouma High were gunned down in two separate incidents. A 41-year-old was found dead from a gunshot wound on Gwen Drive. Another man was killed on Swan Avenue near Southern University.

Jackson says the shooting was the first in her neighborhood, but its a sign that the area is getting more and more dangerous. "People fight, pass words, and we end up with a shooting," she says. "We end up with somebody getting killed."

Now, she worries for her children. "In Baton Rouge, it seems like you can't go nowhere without anybody getting hurt, into it, or might end up being killed," she says.

It's the same feeling of fear across town in the Gardere area. "I probably say something happens two weeks out of the month, somebody fighting, or you know, something going down," says Chris McGarner.

He has a family to take care of. "It makes us scared really," he says. "You just don't know whats going to happen."

McGarner says he wishes people in his community would just stop the violence. "There's more to it than shooting somebody," he says. "You gotta think about what happens after that, and most people don't."

Now, Jackson says the situation has gotten so out of hand that she won't stay. "When I get a car, me and my kids are going to move out of state. I'm going back to school. I'm leaving."

She hopes to find a better life for herself, and her children, somewhere else. "People have too much to live for out here, too much," she says. "And I have too much to live for...for my kids."

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