Two week investigation leads to arrest of burglar in Hammond

Two week investigation leads to arrest of burglar in Hammond
Monday, May 7, 2012 - 10:07am

For approximately two weeks, the Burglary Task Force at the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office has been investigating numerous repeated burglaries at a business in Ponchatoula. The business reported that they began missing various steel/iron items that which they were contracted to fabricate. The business reported that some of the items stolen were in the process of being shipped to its proper destination. The theft of these items not only halted the shipping, it also halted the worksite’s production.

The Burglary Task reviewed surveillance footage and observed that one specific vehicle was present at each burglary. On Wednesday, May 2, The Burglary Task Force began surveillance on the property. At approximately 1:45 in the morning, the suspect vehicle entered the property and pulled to the location in which all the materials are stored. As detectives approached the vehicle, the vehicle sped off. Detectives attempted to follow the vehicle but due to his high speeds, they were unable locate the vehicle.

Detectives knew that the vehicle could not travel far due to them placing a spike strip in the driveway. Within moments, deputies located the vehicle with four flat tires, abandoned at a gas station in Hammond.

On Thursday, May 3, The Burglary Task Force was contacted by the owner of the vehicle and was able to identify the suspect as, Joshua Ryan Threeton. Later that day Threeton turned himself into the Burglary Task Force where he confessed to the burglaries. Threeton also advised the Burglary Task Force that he had sold all the metal items to a local scrap yard.

On Friday May 4th, the Burglary Task Force recovered a majority of the items taken from the business. The scrap yard advised that the approximate weight of the stole scrap was 2,000 pounds.

This investigation is on-going. Additional arrests and charges may be forthcoming.


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