Three state employees fired, charged for abuse of autistic teen


POSTED: Monday, December 17, 2012 - 8:21pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 31, 2012 - 11:05am

Three employees have been fired from a state-run special needs home. They’ve been accused and charged with abusing an autistic teen.

A 15-year-old living in the Pineview medical facility was allegedly strangled and beaten up during what should have been a routine medical exam. The teen, who is unable to speak as a result of his medical condition, was having his blood drawn as a way of monitoring his medications.

The teen’s mother, Teresa Wilson, told NBC33 News she had a hard time sending him to the facility in the first place. When she saw how badly he was hurt, she became furious.

"I was not prepared for what I saw. I was devastated,” she said. “When I walked into Jonah's room, he was laying on his bed with his head covered up, and when I pulled the covers back, I was just in shock."

Charles Mayo, Milton Deville, and Latrice Gray were arrested earlier this moth. They were charged with Cruelty to the Infirmed and Second Degree Cruelty to a Juvenile.

The Department of Health and Hospitals substantiated the claims of abuse and fired the individuals as a result of its investigation. However, they could not discuss any further details regarding the case due to privacy laws. Rather, a spokesperson for DHH told NBC33 that it takes seriously the care of its clients. He added that the agency does not fire employees without a thorough investigation, and that the evidence in this case was very strong.

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Please do not stick up for these dirt bags! Wonder if you people saw your child in that condition? Even if he did hurt himself which is nonsense the staff should have prevented him from doing so. After all they are trained employees who collected a paycheck. good day!

I'm outraged that the state would allow such individuals access to my son or anyone else's precious children! I am sickened by xpcook's defense of these individuals! Unlike his assailants, my son is pure! He was unknowingly attacked from behind by cowards out for blood, who would stop at nothing, even if it meant taking the very breath from his body and leaving him lifeless in order to as you say their jobs! Please if you are in society a favor and resign today!

Those with special needs deserve respect and to be treated with love and kindness. It's not an easy job, it's not for everyone. However it's also not for those with over inflated egos or those who are self portrayed anarchists either! What is the definition of an anarachist anyway? It is a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society! Is this who should be working with those with special needs? How does someone of this caliber secure such a job?

So cook, I will enlighten you on some facts! Those lacking the professionalism, skill set, intelligence and compassion to work with those with special needs should simply not apply in the first place! If they are already employed then YES, they should all quit their jobs, step aside and let those who are emotionally equipped to perform the duties have these positions!!! My son and others like him need those capable of human decency, carrying and compassion do the work that is required.

I know the facts xpcook! I was on the scene within 2 hours of being alerted that something was wrong! I arrived while those responsible were still trying to cover it up - trying to get their stories straight! Gray looked me in the eyes and told me that the reason my son's face was so messed up, eyes swollen and filled with blood is because he had held his breath during the blood draw! She said - "That's what happens when they hold their breath!" She actually thought I would believe her!

Secondly xpcook, how dare you try to imply that my son's injuries were self-inflicted!! It is impossible to put oneself in a rear naked choke hold! However, when this choke is applied, it is possible, to cause the victim to simply pass out. Yet that wasn't good enough for these monsters! They continued until he stopped breathing altogether! Just look at the hemmorhaging in his eyes!! My God!! How can you defend them? Do you have no respect for human life? No morals of your own?

In Response to xpcook - you are no doubt one of my Son's assailants or you're a friend of one of those arrested. Please do not try to defend what they did to Jonah!! Do not portray them as innocent victims who were just trying to do their jobs!! To put it nicely, it's just plain ignorant to make a statement like that!! First of all, what type of job allows one to strangle an innocent child in order to obtain a routine blood draw? Did you put any thought into your comment at all?

No matter his size or if he wasn't cooperative with the staff or for tests....there are many , many different ways to handle it than to be so absolutely abusive. Any compitent healthcare worker would never let it go to such horrible extremes. How we take care of the helpless & innocents in our society, human or animal, tells the story of our society...the good, bad & ugly. Looks to me like we are failing in many areas. Thank God for those who still care & have a conscience.

I will admit I do not know all the facts of this story, but I have read xpcook stating they were doing their job. I have been in this field for over 13 years and have worked with people with varying degrees of behavioral issues, including individuals with autism. I find it incredibly hard to believe that this person had plans or procedures put into place, by the agency providing services, that would cause these types of injuries. So do not say they were just doing their make me sick!

XPCOOK: Would you still defend this horrid criminal act if this child were yours?

Lets also remember this is a handicapped child. One who can not speak, he couldn't even cry out for help. What kind of animals are these people to abuse one of God's Special Children. They aren't fit to take care of animals let alone special needs children. I hope they all get very long prison terms and maybe someone there will do the same to them that they did to this child.

Everyone here should get their facts straight. Not abused from intent...A boy who is calmly watching Barney on TV is grabbed from behind, put in a rear blood choke, rode to the floor, with his face smashing against the floor and strangled until he stopped breathing....then they did their routine blood draw. After he was no longer breathing....Oh then someone noticed he turned blue, was totally unresponsive, so they turned him over and did CPR. So please get your facts straight!!!!

To all of the people who commented on the above attack of the boy victim of Pinecrest State School. Before you start putting all of the harsh judgements..... please get your facts straight. The television station are only reporting information to cause news sensation stories.......... these are not the facts. The boy did indeed get hurt... it did take five people to hold him down.... those are facts. They need surveillance camera in the hospitals.... but this boy was not abused from intent.

XPCOOK is obviously a friend or family member of one of the accused from the facility. MORE THAN enough documentation and FACTS, as well as overwhelming evidence was gathered and verified BEFORE these three individuals were FIRED and CHARGED. This was a thorough investigation. These workers failed at their jobs and failed miserably in providing care for this young autistic boy. If not for the resuscitation of this young man (not by the accused I might add), this would be a MURDER trial instead.

Apparently xpcook is a friend or family member of one of the ex employees, the first mistakw was a blatant disregard of policy by calling security. Anyone can see exactly what happened (& confirmed by others present) our son was taken from behind in a rear naked choke and then straddled and rode face first to the ground untill he expired requiring cpr by one hero kevin brisco whom God placed there to defend him. Even a contortionest could not do this to themself

The investigation was quite simple. It was a simple blood draw. My son will not attack, he will evade and flee, now thanks to this he is afraid of any group of people coming to him. The very next day he was taken to rapides for pottasium levels that were elevated obtained at his sample taken after he lie on the floor lifeless. The attending physician immediately described in detail the clear cut wounds indicating what had been to him and documented.

Then with professionalism and care he had his blood drawn and an I.v. started in under a minute without incident. Since then he has had his blood drawn in under 2 minutes without incident with myself being present. Before you redirect or defend please get your facts straight and do not disrespect our child with your input. Watch the youtube video and be enlightened. This will go to court make no mistake

I'm sorry, I couldn't bear to watch the video. Hard enough to see the pictures. As a grandmother of a nonverbal autistic child, I am terrified every time I see one of these stories, and it breaks my heart that it had to happen to your kid. Their is no defense of what they did. What, so it would have been manslaughter, not murder? ... Ignorance is not an excuse for violence,

This video breaks my heart, but THANK YOU for making it. It needs to be distributed in every available media outlet worldwide.

You don't know the whole story..... This boy was very strong and inflicted alot of the abuse on himself. The workers were just doing their job trying to get this extra large down on the bed so that he could get a blood draw. They didnot go after him and beat him up. If this case goes to court- the I would highly recommend that anyone who works with any patients quit their job-- because they can also have felony charges against them for doing their job. They were not trying to hurt the boy.

Apparently you have been misinformed or are making a horrible attempt at defending a friend. It only takes a few bad apples. N he was not on his bed, he was fleeing out of sheer fright prior to being slammed face first to the ground. There are multitudes of professionals that go above and beyond you however I can tell by your venom you spew are not one.

The school and the mother should have put their asses in jail and pressed every single charge they could think of! This absolutely horrifies me!

Please get your facts straight before you ruin three innocent victims lives. They were just doing their job.

If the boy had aggressive issues then he should have been medicated before the blood draw! There are plenty of meds they could of used to calm him down. I work in a group home for the mentally disabled and this is unacceptable!

The media has downplayed this because the investigation is not pending, it is complete and the trial will be swift. The facts are there so please stop kidding yourself and insulting the one true victim

This truly disturbs and hurts me deaply. I also have child with special needs.. Prayers for his healing and his mother to have comfort.

This poor young man...WTH? these 3 jerks should be charged with attempted murder and locked up for life....

I can't believe someone is that heartless!! It breaks my heart to look at the photos of him!!!

Whatever happened to assault and battery.....with special circumstances! They could not get higher charges for this violent attack!

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